Diverse causes lead to chronic liver damage that ultimately, results in scarring and liver failure

What is Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Liver Cirrhosis is the final stage of the chronic liver disease. This is a serious condition that occurs when an individual’s liver stays exposed to toxins like viral infections or alcohol for a long period of time. This results in healthy liver cells to be replaced with scarred tissues.

Although the condition is quite severe, some cases show that the patient can still be cured with a proper medical attention. To learn more about how the Liver Cirrhosis treatment in homeopathy works, scroll down the page.

How does Cirrhosis develop?

Although the liver has the ability to repair its damaged cells, long-term alcohol abuse, and other such factors scar and injure it. Once a liver is scarred, its ability to perform its functions properly fails and the patient Cirrhosis disease.

In the condition of Cirrhosis, the liver hardens and shrinks, making it hard for the portal vein to carry the nutrient-rich blood into the liver. As the blocked blood is unable to pass into the liver properly, the pressure in the portal vein increases. This leads to a condition called portal hypertension. To tackle this hyper situation, the blood pressure creates a backup vein like esophageal varices. These veins are not normal and hence, can bleed and burst at any time. Liver cirrhosis homeopathy treatment has shown great results in this field.

What causes Cirrhosis to develop?

Chronic viral infection and alcohol abuse are the two main causes of Cirrhosis. Reports suggest that men who drink more than three drinks a day and women who drink more than two drinks a day have high chances of developing the condition. It takes around 10-12 years if the person continues with his/her drinking habit on daily basis.

Apart from these two factors, some other triggers to this disease are obesity, hepatitis B, damage to the bile ducts, and inflammation caused by autoimmune disease. To prevent the medical condition from worsening, Liver Cirrhosis treatment in homeopathy can be extremely effective.

What are the Symptoms?

In the early phases of the condition, the following symptoms are noticed:

  • Nosebleeds
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Anorexia
  • Jaundice (yellow discoloration)
  • Tiny spider-shaped arteries underneath the skin
  • Confusion and affected ability to think
  • Swelling of the legs (Edema)
  • Abdominal swelling (Ascites)
  • Impotence
  • Breast enlargement in men (Gynecomastia)

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in Homeopathy

Early diagnosis of liver cirrhosis helps in early recovery. Homeopathic treatment for Liver Cirrhosis works subtly but effectively. LiverCure research wing is working on this disease and homeopathic medicines are showing satisfactory results in most patients. Liver cirrhosis treatment in homeopathy improves the general condition of the patient and gets him/her back to a normal life.

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