Drug induced liver damage

Harmful chemicals swallowed or inhaled damage the liver

What is Drug-induced liver damage?

This kind of damage happens by the chemicals used in various medicines. Mostly, this medication is provided over-the-counter which can be harmful to the liver. Apart from this, some other medications, vitamins, recreational drugs, environmental toxins, and such pollutants and solvents are another reason.

In fact, almost all drugs have been a cause of liver damage sooner or later. It’s wise to get a homeopathy treatment for non alcoholic liver disease early.

How do drugs damage the liver?

Some drugs directly harm the liver whereas others are turned into chemicals by the liver. The overdose of the strong drugs like acetaminophen brings dose-dependent toxicity into the liver. Some patients have inherent genes that accumulate drugs and metabolites in the liver. This accumulation of harmful chemicals leads to liver damage.

What types of damage do drugs cause?

String and harmful drugs cause many diseases to the liver, some of which are the following:

What are the Symptoms?

Patients with the mild liver disease may have few or no symptoms or signs. Patients with the more serious disease develop symptoms and signs that may be nonspecific or specific.

Mild liver diseases show no signs. However, more serious diseases accompany the following symptoms related to those of viral hepatitis.

  • Jaundice
  • White or clay-colored stools
  • Easy bruising
  • Fluid accumulation in the legs and abdomen
  • Kidney failure
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding

Homeopathy Treatment for Non Alcoholic Liver Disease

The homeopathy doctor will recommend you to stop taking the culprit drug, first of all. The conventional diagnosis is done to know the severity of the liver damage. This is seen in many patients that homeopathy treatment to cure liver diseases has seen unbelievable results. LiverCure research wing is searching for ways to cure these diseases in less possible time with more satisfactory results. Homeopathic medicines for non alcoholic liver disease improve the general condition of the patient and get him/her back to a normal life.

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