Alcoholic Liver Disease

Chronic and excessive alcohol ingestion is one of the major cause of liver disease in the world

What is Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD)?

Alcoholic Liver Disease is a consequence of overconsumption of alcohol over years. Excessive consumption of alcohol damages the liver by replacing healthy tissues with scarred tissues. The result is a total liver failure.

The condition of Alcoholic Liver Disease is the major reason for liver cancer, cirrhosis, and chronic liver failure in Western countries. According to studies, the condition is the third most common cause for liver transplants in the US, after chronic hepatitis C and liver cancer as the first and second one.

Interestingly, liver damage takes time to get noticed. This is because the liver is, generally, capable of repairing and regenerating itself. The condition can easily and quickly be reversed by taking medical help like homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease. By the time, a liver damage is noticed, the condition has become irreversible.

Three Stages of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Fatty Liver – Also called steatosis, fatty liver is the initial stage of ALD. In the early years of alcohol abuse, an excess of fat begins accumulating inside the liver cells, making it difficult for the organ to work properly. This condition can be reversed by abstaining from alcohol completely. Medical help like homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease can help patients cut down on alcohol very easily.

Alcoholic Hepatitis – In the next stage of ALD, inflammation of the liver begins, which starts degenerating liver cells speedily. And if the patient still continues to drink, his/her condition worsens leading him/her to fatal states like liver cirrhosis and an absolute liver failure.

Liver Cirrhosis – The final stage of ALD, Liver Cirrhosis, occurs to the patients not abstaining from alcohol at all even after they’re diagnosed with a liver damage. In this stage, the healthy tissues of the liver are permanently replaced with scarred tissues. This condition is fatal and irreversible.

What are the Symptoms?

The early symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease are vague and can be misleading as well. The pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea, and diarrhea can be overlooked by my people as mere abdomen bugs. However, these symptoms can be more harmful if the patient keeps proceeding with alcohol consumption. Fortunately, these conditions can easily be tackled and treated by the mild and side-effect-free homeopathy medicines for Alcoholic Liver Disease.

The more severe and noticeable symptoms appear in the second and final stages of ALD:

  • Jaundice
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Weight loss to a significant amount
  • Edema, a condition in which lower limbs swell
  • Bleeding from veins and stool
  • Spleen enlargement
  • Ascites, when a fluid accumulates in the abdomen

These symptoms must never be overlooked and the patient must visit a reputed doctor without delay.

What is the Treatment?

The treatment works on these three levels:

Abstinence from alcohol

The first move for treating an ALD patient is removing alcohol consumption. This is, especially, very effective in the early stages and helps a lot in the later and more severe stages as well. Once a patient is diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, a total abstinence from alcohol can help overturning the condition within 2-6 weeks.

Once cut drinking habit, the patient must never resume it, or else the condition strikes back. Withdrawal from alcohol consumption can be difficult for most people. However, homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease is very effective in helping the patient out of this habit.

The daily limit as recommended by medical professionals is up to two drinks a day for males and up to one drink a day for females. This can be achieved through reliable medical help like homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease as well as Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Lifestyle changes

The condition of Alcoholic Liver Disease may worsen by excessive weight and the habit of smoking. Hence, the medical professionals recommend a lifestyle change to reduce weight, quit smoking, and increase the intake of multivitamins. One of the most effective and mildest therapies of these conditions is homeopathy treatment for ALD which not only treats the disease then and there but also removes its roots permanently.


Once the professional has screened the stage and severity of ALD, he/she will prescribe the required drug to treat the patient.

Homeopathy Treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease

Homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease works subtly but effectively. Homeopathy cures the fundamental cause of ALD, the extent of the bad effects of alcohol on a particular individual, genetic tendency, etc. The homeopathy medicines for ALD help in preventing the later fatal stages of the disease to occur.

In case of the serious conditions such as inflammation of the liver, homeopathy can be effective in controlling the further damage of liver cells. However, it cannot regenerate the scarred tissues. The side-effect-free drugs can prevent any damage of liver cells permanently when diagnosed at an early stage. Most patients found with ALD can regain their normal life by the effective homeopathy treatment for Alcoholic Liver Disease.

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